Sigil gives creators
the financial freedom
they deserve.

A secure and inclusive payment processor built for content creators. Send and receive funds without fear of being deplatformed.

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Easily accept cash and BTC anytime, anywhere.

Instant USD to BTC conversion makes it easy for fans to pay in Bitcoin. New to BTC? No worries. We designed Sigil to be accessible for all ✨

Funds delivered to your wallet with lightning speed.

Track incoming payments via your dashboard, and 
transfer funds to your bank in USD whenever 💸

95% payouts for creators.

And no chargebacks, period.


Does Sigil allow chargebacks?

Due to the nature of the Bitcoin blockchain, chargebacks and refunds are not possible. This adds an additional layer of security for creators receiving funds. This being said, Sigil does not tolerate fraud, and customers can reach out to us at to report any issues with payments.

How does Sigil ensure the security and privacy of my payments?

We prioritize the security of your transactions and the integrity of your data. Sigil incorporates advanced compliance measures and fraud protection, aligning with financial services research recommendations and regulatory requirements of a Money Service Business (MSB). We work with a leading Multi-Party Computation (MPC) wallet provider as the core of our infrastructure. These are cutting-edge cryptographic technologies designed to secure cryptocurrency assets. This innovative approach enhances security by eliminating single points of failure, reducing the risk of theft or unauthorized access. Sigil also works with Qualified Custodians to provide secure and compliant custody services for digital assets. These custodians are subject to strict regulatory oversight and comply with legal and financial requirements to ensure the safekeeping of clients' funds.

Do you charge any fees for processing payments?

Sigil offers 95% payouts for creators with 5% fees placed on the sender.

How quickly can I expect to receive BTC after someone sends it through Sigil?

Most transactions will be confirmed in seconds, as Sigil allows payments exclusively through the Lightning network. This is perfect for businesses requiring high-volume, fast, everyday transactions. There may be some delays or bottlenecks in the Lightning network from time to time, but creators can usually receive their cryptocurrency immediately.

What types of currencies does Sigil support?

As a non-discriminatory fiat-to-crypto payment processor, Sigil’s platform supports various currency conversions, including USDC to USD. Our platform enables offramping to over 120 local currencies, ensuring extensive global coverage and catering to a wide range of customer needs.